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“It could never happen to me”. “I’ll sort it out later”. How many times have you heard or thought that?

The old adage of “failing to plan is planning to fail” is no better suited than to the ignorance of crucial decisions on protection.

This possibly could be more important if you are self-employed or are the owner of a business employing people.

What is it? 

Small and medium sized companies are often dependent on a few key people.

Key Person Insurance is designed to help protect your business in the event of death or terminal illness of one or more key personnel. It will usually pay a lump sum to cover lost revenue or other costs associated with the absence of the Key Person or people insured.

Who is it for? 

There are always key individuals that drive a successful business. What would happen if that individual wasn’t available through death, illness or injury? Could your business survive?

It’s extremely important and highly advised that you seek financial advice before taking out this type of plan as they are not always the cheapest or most appropriate option for you.